Children, Parents and Supervision

Our neighborhood had a little scare today. Keep in mind that my neighborhood is relatively quiet. We heard a helicopter flying low and the pilot talking on the speaker. It was hard at first to hear clearly what he was saying. So, of course, the worse pops up in your mind. Robbery? Murder? Finally, the helicopter came closer and we were able to hear better. The pilot was saying the name of two girls and telling them if they are playing outside to go home!  My first reaction was relief because I did not have to put my house on lock down until a “suspect” was captured. Then, I became worried for the girls. Where were they and why is a helicopter looking for them?? About an hour later, girls were found and the story came out. Two fourth graders were told to go play and be home by 7:30 pm. They never came home. Mom freaked out. Police were called. The neighborhood and helicopter combed the whole area. Girls were found happily playing. They apparently lost track of time.  I am so glad the girls were fine and not in danger. But this brings up a huge issue! Why were these fourth graders not supervised??

School is out for the summer. Parents do not have the teachers anymore to watch their kids during the day. It is now their duty to watch their kids the whole day!  You would think that this would be simple. But there has already been so many cases that could have been prevented if only there was supervision.

Did you hear about the little four year old who accidentally shot herself while her mom went to the store? 😦  This accident could have been prevented. How hard is it to take your little girl with you shopping instead of leaving her home alone?

This subject really irritates me because children are so precious. It is our job, as adults, to care for them and love them.

I know times get frustrating. I know parents get busy. With kids who become bored and annoying, it is very easy to say “go play. Be back by 7”. But please think of an alternative solution just to prevent anything from happening. The world is a crazy place. Crazy, uncaring people live everywhere. We need to think safe and be safe.

One idea that can help with kid’s boredom: invite one of his/her friends over. Or schedule a day when they get to over a friend’s house (make sure there will be supervision).

Do you have any great ideas for parents to help keep sanity in the house and also keep some kind of supervision?

Kids are still immature. They are still learning everything. They are curious. They still need help, guidance and supervision.


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