Disneyland trip with bad experience June 26, 2013

Tonight, I keep thinking about my monthly trip to Disneyland with my little family. We went a few days ago but barely looked at the Photo pass pictures. And while looking at the pictures, I re-lived our horrible experience with the character Aurora (the princess). I can not believe how “distant” and unloving she was towards my two year old daughter! She did not even hug her! Did not even bend down to take good pictures with her. Did not even touch her! I know my two year knew something was different. She was already nervous and expected a huge from all of her favorite princesses! She looked even more nervous when she did not receive a hug from Aurora. I felt horrible that this woman would act that way towards my child! I didn’t want to make a scene and we were rushed to the next princess. So I shook it off and moved on so we can enjoy the rest of the day.
Since we are annual pass holders, we try to go to the Disneyland parks at least once a month. So we have been to the Princess meeting area a few times now. And all those times, my daughter had wonderful experiences. She received the biggest hugs, took awesome pictures, and each princess took the time to bend down face to face and talk to my daughter. She has meet Aurora before too.
So this reaction from this other Aurora really hit us off guard. I just can’t believe it. I can not believe her. I really think that true ladylike princesses should be casting as a major princess at Disneyland. This woman needs to be removed from this job! I am so hurt that she would do this. This is not OK to treat a two year old!
I have pictures too. Proof of her rudeness! So the world can see who she is. So Disneyland can see who she is.
I have put hearts on my little girl to protect her identify. But anyone can clearly see what happened that day.
Please comment and share this! Help me get the word out and hopefully something can be done about this unloving woman.





I have a few more pictures too. One of Kaycee looking up at her just waiting to be hugged and never receiving any love. Very heartbreaking. Those “smiles” from this lady were fake!
We have never experienced anything so hurtful at Disneyland. You would not expect this to happen to your child. So unbelievable.



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