Decisions, News, and the 19 Firefighters

Every winter, I always say how much I miss summer. When summer finally gets here, I can not stand the 100+ degree weather and start wanting winter again. 🙂  I am a serious Gemini who really has a hard time making final decisions. My mind thinks one way. An hour later, I rethink and change my mind.  This ugly trait of mine has caused so much stress in my life. But I can not seem to change it. I always have to second guess myself.

My husband gets really irritated with me because of this. 🙂  He can make a decision in one second while I have to sit and think about it. I need to weigh all the details. Figure out all the possible outcomes. Then choose, what I hope, is the best answer. This is one reason why I hate to make decisions. It just takes to long. I would rather leave the decision making to everyone else (depending on my trust for them). 🙂  But of course, my number one decision maker (husband), does that want that role!

Yesterday, after having a really fun time swimming with friends, I came home to read the news from that day. (I am a news addict that has to be up to date with the news all the time). When I am with family or friends, I try to limit my internet and Facebook. So when I got home I went on CNN. The first thing that pops up is the 19 Firefighters who died while fighting a wildfire. I could not believe it. 19?? All together? That is just so tragic and heartbreaking. I hope they investigate this more. I can’t see how they could get trapped. The fire must have been so furious. I have not read any articles today so there might be more information that I have not seen. I did like the memorial page on Facebook that was set up. They have a heartbreaking picture of 19 bottles of water laying on the ground. Waiting for the 19 Firefighters to return. If that does not give you tears in your eyes, then you are growing heartless.

That must be one of the scariest ways to die. 😦  Seeing the fire coming and not being able to get out. Knowing you are about to die and not being able to do anything. It is just so scary to think about it. May their souls rest in peace and their family stand strong. Prayers to all the family and friends of the fallen and also the people who are still being affected by this fire.

Till again,


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