Too Close to Death Than I Want to be and Embracing Life

Today could have been my last day on earth.
Its scary to think about it.
Life is so fragile.
It’s unfair that a stranger’s negative actions can affect a life in such a major way.

When I drive, I usually will stay in the middle lane on the freeway. Not too slow. Not too fast. Never had a problem before. Today was different.

I was driving to Sam’s Club.  Almost passing another big rig on my right. I was on the left side of the truck driver’s window. The trucker starts driving into my lane. I had to swerve away into the lane on my left. Thankfully there was no car there. I did not loose control of the car and kept driving. The trucker went back in his lane and kept driving.

I understand that for many people, this event is not outrageous or life changing. But to me, a person who has never been in an accident, this was seriously scary.

People have died that has been in the same situation as me. A truck swerving out of their lane has killed people and hurt people. Maybe this is what I needed. A reminder that life is precious. A life can end any day. My life can end any day. Your life can end any day.

Let us try to embrace life to the fullest.  Do things that make you happy. Give love. Receive love. Make awesome memories.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July.



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