Response from Disneyland

Before I type out my thoughts for tonight, I want to update everyone about the Disneyland situation. I received an email and personal phone call from the Disney Guest Experience Services. She apologized for my daughter’s horrible experience with the rude Aurora. My experience was forwarded to the cast department so they can re-train or remove the Aurora.  I informed her that I have pictures if they need to make sure they talk to the right Aurora. She said that would be great and to mail the pictures in. The phone call was going great until she offered a poster “signed” by the princesses as an apology gift. I really couldn’t believe that the poster was the only thing Disney offered. Especially to a two year old. My two year old is not into material items. She is into life experiences. She would not care about a poster. She is way too young for that. Well, apparently, that was the only thing that can be offered for my daughter’s horrible experience.
I asked for her supervisor. The supervisor called me back in about a half hour and we went over the details again. In the end, she said that she can only send my daughter a princess care package. I am not sure what will be in there. I will post a picture when it comes in.  So we will wait to see what is in this care package.
I was really surprised and happy to even hear from Disney this fast. But I do wish they had something more to offer my daughter.  A good experience to erase her horrible experience.

A lot has been happening in my life and there is so much to think about that it is hard for my mind to concentrate on one thing to talk about tonight.

My daughter started dance classes today. She is always dancing and singing around us but today she turned shy. She did not cry and was a very good listener. So we will see how she feels next week. Hopefully she will feel more comfortable.
We are running into a problem with potty training. She just does not want to use the potty. She is also still not realizing when she needs to go. Question: should we force her to try the potty chair or will that just traumatize her?

My family went out yesterday to help search for a missing 11 year old in California. Today will be his fourth night away from home. As the days keep adding up, more details come to light and more unanswered questions. Speculation that the step brother has some part in his disappearance. I really hope that is not true and that soon this little boy will show up.

My brother-in-law is currently in ICU. He is stable and doing OK. Waiting for an infection to clear and pneumonia to go away. Then he will be moved back into a long term care facility. One important fact about him: doctors said he would only live until he was 7 years old. He will be celebrating his 29th birthday this year. He has always been an inspiration to me. God has a plan for all of us. God gave us a purpose. Its not up to doctors. Its up to our life’s plan.

As I said, my mind is everywhere today. I can not concentrate on one thing. Sorry for the scrambled up post tonight.

Hug your loved ones, be thankful for what you have, be there for someone who needs a hug.

Till next time,



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