Eleven Year Old Boy Murdered

Yesterday the world found out about the a little 11 year old boy who was apparently murdered by his 16 year old brother. This little boy was the same little one who my family and I went searching for earlier this week. The whole community and surrounding communities came together in hopes of finding this little boy alive. For days, volunteers were out searching. Day and night. People gave their time and their money.

Once details starting pouring out, more questions developed. Everyone was confused about the “story” that the brother and mom had told. But all these questions did not matter. The goal was to find this little boy alive. We all hoped and prayed.

Yesterday, we heard the devastating news. There was a body found buried in a shallow grave that matches the description of our missing boy. Right behind the home of where the boy lived.

So heartbreaking. So unreal. We all had so much high hopes. We just don’t understand how someone could hurt him. And his own brother.
Just like out of a movie. But this is real. Too real for me. Too close to my home. I have been feeling so sad for this angel.

Stories are now coming out. What is true and what is not is very hard to figure out. The brother apparently bullied this 11 year old for a long time. 😦  did this bullying accidentally get too out of hand?

Still so many questions.
This poor little angel should still be living today. His death could have been prevented.

I am proud to live in a community that comes together strong during a crisis. But so sad that this murder happened here. RIP little angel. You have touched so many hearts and lives (friends as well as complete strangers). You will never be forgotten.

Hug your loved ones tight. Take a good look at sibling bullying in your family. Protect our kids.



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