Seven Years Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. 🙂  I am so thankful to be celebrating seven years of wedding bliss with the love of my life. We have definitely been through some rough times, but we grew strong and stayed united though everything.
Something weird about us: we are Geminis, we are almost completely opposite, and sometimes it seems like our minds are connected. LOL. I will be thinking about something and he will say what I was just thinking! If I am thinking about him doing something, sometimes he will go do it without me telling me. And it goes the same with him thinking. Very weird and strange. It does not happen all the time but I do love how connected we are.
I can not remember the last time we fought or argued. Its been so long. Not sure when it ended but we sort of just gave it up. We have so many other stresses that we just have not had time to get each other mad about anything. There’s no point in arguing when we can talk about it and move on.
Have you ever heard the saying “At least one thing will go wrong at your wedding.”? Well, for our wedding, I would say at least one thing went RIGHT. LOL I can laugh about it now but it still stings a little.
Some things that went wrong:
1. My hairdresser and make up lady (who I had an appointment with, plus my mom and one of my bridesmaids) decided to show up really late. Rushed the jobs on all of us.
2. Rushed to the wedding place and was stuck in traffic.
3. Was late.
4. Found out I forgot my white wedding shoes! Had to wear black sandals.
5. Looked in mirror, my hair war already messed up because of the rushed job and not enough hair spray.
6. My flower bouquets were delivered but could not be found by anyone. The flower shop delivered to the wrong area.
7. It was extremely hot! Never have a wedding in July in the middle of the day!!
8. My make up was horrible from me sweating.
9. One of the men of honor (also my brother in law) started fainting during the ceremony because it was too hot.
10. Pictures were right after the ceremony. And since ceremony started late, we rushed through the pictures. No one took the time to fix my makeup or hair. I looked Gothic instead of angelic.
11. Half my family did not take pictures because they did not know and left to the reception.
12. My now hubby and I took the limo and drove around. Drove to the beach. On way back, we got traffic and was late to the reception.
13. My wedding cake topping was missing. I think it was found right after the guest starting arriving.
14. Next door to our banquet room was a tattoo event going on. LOL  My guest had to go outside our room into the hallway to get the alcoholic drinks. So they mixed with the extremely tattooed people.  One man apologized and gave us a $100 wedding gift.
15. Our pastor was also late to the ceremony!

I am pretty sure there are more things too that I can not remember right now.

I would say we had one of the funniest and stressful weddings ever. But in the end, we were finally married and I was so happy that the planning was over.

Seven years later, we are still happily married and growing stronger.

How will we celebrate?  The no fun summer cold has arrived in our house, so I’m thinking I will pick up some yummy food and take home to my family to eat. Or maybe a short picnic.

Have a great Monday



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