Another Child Abuse Ending in Death

I was planning on trying to go to sleep earlier tonight. I check my Facebook one last time (I know, that is very bad)… And I came across this page:

Justice For Abigail

Another little girl passed away from injuries of child abuse. And her own father is being accused. On this page, it has some information and pictures. These pictures are so heartbreaking. One especially brought tears into my eyes.

This poor little helpless baby. She did nothing to deserve this pain.

Parents/guardians are here to love and protect their babies and kids. Not hurt them. Not kill them.

I know I feel anger right now. But I am so sad that this little girl is not here while the “father” is healthy in jail living on tax dollars. Why are we paying him to live comfortably?!

Whenever a story of child abuse comes my way, I always go back to the same question. “Could it have been prevented?” Could this little baby still be alive if someone just spoke up? Was there any signs of previous child abuse?

Let us use this heartbreaking story to prevent any future child abuse deaths. Look around you. In your home. In your neighborhood. In the stores that you shop. In the restaurants that you eat. Any sign of a possible child abuse. Please report anything that you see. You could be saving another baby from dying.

I know this is hard. How can we see the signs? Usually, child abuse is done by the parents and inside the home. So how can outsiders see and know what is happening? Always look at the baby/child for bruises or marks.

But in the end, the main person who can save a child is a family member or very close friend. Please dont be afriad to stand up and speak out. Family is family. But a child is a helpless being who needs someone to save him/her. Be their hero.

Every child needs a hero.


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