Living in a World Full of Sadness

My mind, my heart, and my soul just can not take too much sadness. Even though my heart still cries, my mind must shut the sadness out so I can continue to live.

Everyday. Everywhere. There is sadness.
Personal experiences in the world. Stories I have read online.  I can not hide away from sadness. But my mind has taught itself how to block it and remove as much of it as possible.

Yesterday, I see little kids asking strangers for money in the streets as their parent sits on the sidewalk waiting. Some people believe that they truly need the money. Some people think it is all an act and they actually live really good lives with all the “donations” they receive daily. How will we know what is true?? Either way, I feel so much sadness for the children.

Friends post on Facebook about dogs needs a forever home or they will die. PETA is being accused of killing animals. Posts about pets being tortured. So much sadness.

Children running away. Children missing. Children being abused. Children being bullied. Children who are barely surviving because of no fault of their own.

Families losing their home. Families working overtime just to come out even. Families moving in with families because rent is too high.

We are always surrounded by sadness. But somehow we must still survive. We must move on and live the best life as possible.

People are different and react to situations differently. Some people can move on fast. Some people take a little longer. But no matter what, we are somehow built to “move on”.

How is it possible to move on with so much suffering and sadness in this world?

I am not sure how but my mind has become very good at placing sad things in the back of my mind. I still feel sad about them but I am able to live without thinking about them. Some major sufferings do take longer and some actually resurface. But I can still live and concentrate on the happy parts of life.

When something sad comes up, my heart starts to hurt and I actually feel like my heart is going to explode with all these sadness it has to deal with. My body feels sad for at least a day. Then it seems like I just readjust and my mind starts pushing this sadness back.  Time to move on.

Very weird to me. And I hope someone understands. Have you ever paid attention to your reaction to sad news?


First August post!! This year is going by too fast. Christmas will be here soon……

My mind wonders a lot. And I have always been known as a dreamer. A quiet dreamer. So these weird topics will always pop up in my blog. I never know what my mind wants to talk about until I start writing. Thank you for reading.

Until next time,



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