Summer is Ending

August is such a pretty month. Not as pretty as November and December. But very beautiful. Time starts to slow down a little. Kids start going to school. Vacations for everyone is ending. People start up their normal routine again. You might be wondering why I care so much about other people’s lives…  Well, I care because I am not a crowd person. I hate going to places and tons of people are there. I hate waiting in lines. I hate being surrounded by a lot of strangers. Whenever summertime comes around, I go to places less. I try my best to avoid any crowded place just so I can keep my sanity.

Now that school is starting and people are starting to work more, all my favorite places will be perfect for my family to go again. :o)  Less crowds. Less stress. More fun. More experiences.

My favorite place of all time is, of course, Disneyland. We try to go at least once a month. But we have not been since the beginning of June. I know, I know… I should be lucky to have been able to go as many times as we have. But we paid for annual passes and I am going to get my money’s worth!  So once the crowds die down, we will be able to visit the most magical place on earth.  :O)

My daughter is two years old. The perfect age to enjoy so many experiences. And a major plus factor is that she still gets in free to a lot of places. So why wouldn’t we go everywhere we could if we have the chance now?

I hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed their time off. But I seriously can’t wait to go shopping and actually find a decent parking spot! Or go shopping and not have to worry that the best stuff is already gone because I did not get there early. And go shopping without having to rub elbows with people who can be so rude and in a rush. (It seems like summertime brings these people out.)

I can’t wait!! One more week!  :O)


Until next time,



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