Tonight, the main thing on my mind is determination. Where is my determination and how can I get it back??

There is a lot I need to get done but my lack of determination is keeping me from reaching my goals. I am not sure what exactly has happened. I do know that I have been feeling “detemined-less” for a long time.

How can I get my determination back?

One of my top goals in life right now is losing weight and becoming healthy. I truly want to lose weight but I have no determination to stop eating bad foods and start exercising. The most I have exercised was walking about my neighborhood. This is so bad and I feel my body getting fatter and lazier. I hate feeling like this and I wish there was a magic cure to kick me back into start.

This is my day:  I wake up. Feel sort of determined. Tell myself that I will start eating and exercising today. Eat a small healthy breakfast (usually cereal). And that’s it.  No exercising. And I will eat a huge unhealthy dinner. It’s like my body and brain just say “Forget about it. Nothing is going to change. Might as well enjoy your food.”  And, of course, I feel horrible afterwards and mad at myself.

I think maybe my body does not have enough energy to want to exercise. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables. Right now, I have only been drinking water and milk in the morning. Maybe I need some caffeine to help boost me.

If you have been through this, please give me advice!  I need to figure this out.

I will add some fruit and tea tomorrow and maybe it will help me. I will keep updates on my progress on here so hopefully it can help someone just like me.  :O)


Until next time,



One thought on “Determination

  1. Determined to be healthy, that’s a great start! Have you tried eating a bigger breakfast? Then follow up with a snack two hours later, even if you don’t feel like your hungry your body still needs food. This will improve your energy, and help you so you aint so hungry at night.
    It takes a bit to get used to but it sure has helped me. Doing these small changes I have lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks 🙂

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