Potty Training and Healthy Living update

Another new week is upon us. Another new adventure to accomplish.

Today, we have started official potty training for our 2 and a half year old daughter. We have been slowly introducing the potty for awhile now. And she had been great on going potty at night time. But, today, we have officially said “goodbye” to diapers. After trying other ways, we decided to use the “Run Free” method. No diaper. No pull ups. No panties. Just a dress with no bottoms.

After the first accident, I was ready to give up. It just did not seem like she was ready. But we agreed to at least try for the whole day.  Two more accidents.  I did more research online while she took her nap. Finally, we found something that is working!  I hate to say, but candy has been a HUGE help. I gave her Skittles (a candy she has never had before) right after she went potty. Talked to her. Praised her. Told her why she earned the candy. And also told her how she can get more. I really did not want to use candy but I am so surprised at how much it has helped.

Once we introduced this candy to her, she has not had an accident since. She had 5 successful potties! And she is finally excited about it. She is eager to go to the potty.

So I will be going to sleep happy about our new adventure. Nervous about how tomorrow will be. And also nervous about taking my daughter shopping! It is hard for me to use public restrooms. Now, I have to let my daughter when she has to go potty. 😦   How am I suppose to do that??


A little update on my healthy plan:  It is going horrible. Never start a diet plan on a busy weekend. It is also hard to eat healthy when you are over someone else’s house with their food.  So I want to start again tomorrow. Going shopping to buy yummy fruits. And I plan on trying advice that one of you wrote me: eat a nice size breakfast and smaller snacks/meals throughout the day.  Wish me LUCK!   

Until next time,



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