Religion Vs Atheist

Religion is a very touchy subject. It should not be but religion makes everyone nervous just talking about it.

My thoughts tonight revolve around all the religions and the ever-growing Atheist group. So much debate has happened about if a person should have religion in their life.  The groups for it say that religion makes a person better overall in life. The groups against it say a person can be good without religion too.

This is really hard to pick a side. Should a person have religion or is it OK that they are Atheists?  My mind switches back and forth every time I start thinking about it again.

But in the end, it does not matter who is “right”. It does not matter if a person is religious. It does not matter if a person is an Atheist.  What matters?  A person’s actions. A person’s life choices. A person’s manners. A person’s respect for others. A person’s attitude.

I know religious people who are mean, selfish, and trouble makers. So even though they are baptized and they go to church regularly, their actions speak differently. Their attitude in life is negative and they show no compassion to others.  This goes exactly the same for Atheists.

There are Atheists who are amazing and wonderful people. Not only do they have a positive attitude for life, they also care and help others.  Again, this is the same for religious people too.

My point:   religion vs non religion does not matter! (where you go after you die is different argument that I will not discuss in the blog).  What matters is who the person is on the inside!  So everyone should stop focusing on fighting and work together to make this world a better place.  And for all the negative/evil people out there (religious or Atheist)- change your ways so our children can grow up in a positive environment.

wow… just imagine a world where EVERYONE actually helps each other and not hurt others…  sadly, I don’t ever see this happening.

                                          Until next time,


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