What is a “Normal” Family?

As I lay here trying to fall asleep, I started thinking about my family and the new definition of “family”. In the olden days, family was described as a mother, a father, and biological children.  My family would have been singled out as the abnormal family everywhere.
But things are different now. My family is considered as normal as many other families. For there is no “normal” family anymore. That normal family definition is disappearing.
Adoptions, foster parents, single parents (young and old), step parents, half siblings, step siblings, unmarried couples with kids, grandparents raising their grandkids, aunts/uncles raising nieces and nephews, two mommies, two daddies, surrogates, shared custody after divorces, married couples with pets…(I’m sure there are many more)….. The new definition of family has now changed and the new “normal” is not normal.
I use to worry about what the world thought about my family. My not normal family. But why should I care? Even if we are different, I love my family and my life. And thats all that matters.
Love, respect, laughter, comfort, teaching, learning: all qualities of a family. Love your family. Embrace what the world has given you.
You are exactly where you need to be right now.

Until next time,


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