Hello September

August is finally over. It began beautifully but has ended uncomfortably hot. I am eager for fall to come. Cooler weather. Changing leaves. And the beginning of the holidays!

I never really cared about Halloween. But this year, I am excited. Maybe because it is the first “holiday” and starts off the other holidays. Or because my little girl is getting older and can actually understand more. Either way, fall can not come soon enough. 🙂

A couple updates on what has been happening:

1. My weight loss has gone no where. It saddens me to have to admit it. But I just do not have the commitment or drive that I need to get started. Not sure exactly why. I have added more fruit throughout the day. And I try to drink more water. That’s about it. I will not give up. Something has to “click” in my mind to push myself.

2. My daughter’s potty training is still going good. She has had a few more accidents. Maybe about once a day. The accidents seem to happen when she is playing. She is learning to hold her pee so she goes to the bathroom less frequently. She has no fear of the big potty and of public restrooms. That has made this transition easier for both of us.

My mind is jumping around tonight. So much to think about. So much going on.

Nervous about what is happening with Syria. I am conflicted with what should happen. There has been so many innocent deaths (even little kids) and their civil war has lasted so long already. It seems like it is only getting worse. Those people need help and it doesn’t look like anyone else is willing to help besides the U.S.  Are we suppose to just turn our backs on these poor little children as they are dying?  On the other side, I am nervous about Russia getting involved and attacking us. Also, Iran attacking Israel. This could literally start a world war. We do not need another war. Obama has a huge decision to make. And whatever he chooses, he will be in the wrong. It is not right that the world has put the U.S. in this position. Every country should be able to control and keep peace within their own land. No one should have to go over and help. These next few weeks are going to be crazy just waiting to see what is going to happen next.

While the world is on the brink of another war, life here does not stop going. Plans must be made. Life must be lived. It is amazing that humans have the capacity to block the negative around them and keep living. The world will never stop turning…

Random Thoughts of the Night

Until next time,



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