Baking Cookies and Clearing Out my Life

I have tried to stay away from the news media this weekend. Too much drama happening in the world that it was not helping me at all. I think I went on a news website once a day instead of 20 times a day. And it actually helped. Well, it could have been that and my other plan to go on Facebook less….  Somehow Facebook has overcame my life. My addiction has affected my life in many ways. The most bothersome effect is my time wasted on there. That time could be used living and being productive.  I know there are many out there who are in the same situation as me. Maybe even worse. It is crazy how much Facebook can become addicting. There should be a monitored limit for how many hours a person can spend on Facebook.

So after this weekend of lessening my precious time on news websites and Facebook, I actually feel better. My mind feels more clear! I was able to accomplish more things and enjoy life more.  Everyone should take this step to improve their life.

I am actually very happy with myself right now. I have restarted a small workout routine. Very small. But at least I am moving. 🙂  My goal is to lose a little weight in my thighs. My reward: I will wear a cute dress for the holidays (I have not worn a dress in years!) I am hoping that with this incentive I will be able to accomplish my goal and actually start working out more.  Wish me luck and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Today, was my daughter’s first time helping me make cookies from scratch. It was an amazing time and just wonderful. :O) She was so excited and so helpful. And for a 2 1/2 year old, not that messy. Which was great for me since I hate messes! I think I will make cookies more often with her as my assistant.

I say this a lot and I will continue saying it…. I know I treasure these small moments in life more than others just because of my long battle to become a mommy. Every second that I have with her, I try to embed in my memory. When she calls me mommy 100+ times a day. When she hugs me and loves to dance with me. When she sings to me and plays her guitar/piano. When she is comforted by me. Every day. Every minute. Will always be a treasure.

I hope everyone can find this precious love from/for a child in their life.


Until next time,



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