Sept 11th, my thoughts

Sept. 11, 2013

Today we remember that tragic day 9-11. We remember, we pray, and we salute everyone who was hurt.

Everyone tells their story about where they were when they found out. Just to feel some kind of connection to others who are also still trying to fully understand what happened that day.

My story is not interesting at all. I am not a morning person, so of course, I was still sleeping. It’s crazy to think that as I was peacefully dreaming in my bed, thousands of people were suffering and dying on the other side of the United States. My husband (well he was my boyfriend at the time) calls me and wakes me up. First thing he says is “Don’t get scared.”  And my mind starts racing. My heart starts beating fast. I knew something was wrong but what… I forgot what else he said but I turned on the TV and see a huge building on fire. I could not figure out right away “What does this have to do with me?”. Buildings always catch on fire. That is nothing new.  So I keep watching. Seeing replays of the two planes. My mind goes blank. What the hell just happened????

That could not have been an accident. You can tell right away. The news reported another plane hit Pentagon. All airplanes are ordered to land. (And I probably heard about 3 planes flying above my house after this statement… I was so scared.)   Did not know what to think. Did not know what to do. So I just sat there. My eyes stuck on watching the TV. Flipping channels to different news stations.  My boyfriend comes over and watches the news with me.

I do not remember getting dressed. I do not remember eating. I just remember be scared and sad. Staring at the TV. I was terrified and I was not even close to where these terrorist acts happened.

And then seeing the towers collapse… My heart collapsed with them. My soul was in shock. Tears streamed down my face…

That was such a horrible day. A day we can never forget. A day that keeps others moving forward in hopes to make this world a safer place. Those 9-11 victims can not have died in vain. Something positive has to come out of this tragedy.

Please remember all those who suffered and still suffering today. Live life to the fullest and with respect. Respect yourself. Respect others. And respect your world.

Where were you on that September Day?

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until next time,                                                                                                                                      Angelica


One thought on “Sept 11th, my thoughts

  1. I am remembering and doing something about it. You too can make a difference and help spread the word that ;

    On August 12, 2013, at 8 PM, the Twin Towers II Development LLC had their seed planting ceremony at Lighthouse Christian Church at 166 Jefferson Street in Perth Amboy New Jersey. Highlights of the event will be available shortly on web site at

    This project of rebuilding two 110′ tall pillars, in a very different way, shall be bringing attention and focus back to the way our great country once believed. It could also help to restore faith back in our leaders when they stand behind it as well.

    Just to let you know too, anyone in the world will have a chance to buy materials for the buildings. A door knob or two, a glass window or windows, a light switch, a steel beam, any and all of the buildings parts, which by the way, will be “bought only” if they are “Made in the USA”, will soon be available to donors to buy for the Twin Towers II buildings on line.

    It will work a lot like a couple getting married or a woman who’s having a baby and puts their wish list together and registers that list at a store; we too will do the same and let the whole world buy every part. Whatsoever is still needed, after concerned people or groups have had a chance to tangibly demonstrate their concern and support by becoming involved, investors will then be allowed help pay for the rest of the project, when we announce our stock option IPO.

    Please help spread the news and help find ways to unite the USA together again, to stand tall, speak loudly and authoritatively for what truths this our great nation was founded upon!

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