Grieving and My Daughter

Not a lot of people understand the heartache from the death of a pet. It is something you can’t explain. So only people with that horrible experience will know.
It has taken me awhile to “grieve” for my poor little cat. And the thought still hurts. But life just keeps going. Things must be done. Places to go. Life to live.
I read a quote somewhere a long time ago… Time does not heal the “wound” all the way. It just covers it with a scar.  The wound will never be forgotten. And can easily start to bleed again if picked at (remembered) often…
That is exactly how I feel with all the sorrows that has happened to me. All will always be remembered. But the scars will allow me to start living again.

I cried for the first time in front of my daughter when I knew my cat was dying. The look on her face was even more heartbreaking. She saw my pain. Walked to me. Hugged me with tears in her eyes and kept repeating “I’m so sorry, Mommy.” How did my little 2 year old even know what to do?? It amazes me how much compassion she showed me when I needed love the most. I love her so much. She has helped me so much in reminding me how lucky I am to have her as my daughter. Her laughter. Her jokes. Her silliness. Her hugs. Her love. She has kept me going.

I am very nervous about getting the call to go pick up my cat’s ashes… It should be any day now. I feel saddened just thinking about it. 😦 I dont know what I am going to do once I do pick her ashes up.

This will hopefully be my last post about my cat ShyAnne.. She will forever be in my heart. Forever a part of me. Forever my cat.

Until next time,


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