October 15, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

I have not posted in awhile. Many reasons have prevented me from writing down my thoughts and emotions. I am not ready to tell the world most of these reasons for it involves personal battles within me.  Battles that I am still fighting today. Only God knows what these battles will bring and how long they will last. I like to pretend these battles are not happening. Living life as though nothing is wrong. I wrap myself in my own little bubble and close my eyes to everything that needs to be changed. Maybe, just maybe, if I close my eyes hard enough and wish with all my might then all my problems will just vanish away…

Today is October 15. National day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Like I do every year, I post the picture on Facebook to remind everyone and to honor my angel babies. Later on, I will pull out the memory box and light a candle.  Today is not an emotional day like it use to be years ago. I still feel sad and always think of “what if”. But I just hug my daughter tight and thank God she is here.
I feel peace now when I think of my angel babies. I like to think that they love seeing us happy and they know how special our daughter is. So, they will always be her guardian angels.
I have so much to write about. But it can wait for the next post. Today, let us remember our lost babies and honor them in some way.
Google “October 15th, pregnancy loss”. Tons of information and ideas will come up.
To my angel babies: I will love you forever. I will forget you never. Apart of my heart from the very start. Apart of me for eternity. Thank you for watching over us. XOXO

Until next time,


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