Quick thoughts on Halloween, Turning 3, and my Dad

It has been a long time since I posted last. Sorry about that. Life has been so busy and my mind has been on turbo mode that it has been hard for me to type my thoughts down on paper.

We celebrated Halloween with the cutest Sophia the First trick-or-treater ever! She loved going up to houses and receiving candy.  She loved trick-or-treating so much, that she wanted to continue the night after!  :O)  Having an almost 3 year old really does make holidays so much better.

In saying that… I can’t believe my little baby girl will be turning 3!!!!!!! 3 more months. Our plan is to have a princess birthday party for her. She is really in love with all the princesses right now.

This weekend, Americans are honoring our Veterans. I hope that in some way, you will remember them as you enjoy your 3 day weekend.

My father was a veteran. He served in the Army Air Force in WWII. He was almost a Red Tail but when he found out he was color blind, he instead dropped cargo out from airplanes. How exciting and scared he must have been. As I was growing up, he told my brother and I many stories about his service. I am still mad at myself for not paying attention. Now, that he has passed away, I wish I could remember his stories and write them down.  I just always assumed he was always going to be here…

Have a safe weekend everyone!

Until next time,



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