Beginning of Dec

The year 2013 is almost over and I can’t believe how much we have been through. The pains. The happiness. The experiences that life brought to us. 2013 has been one eventful year.

Every day, I still look at (Baby M) and feel blessed to call her my daughter. It is amazing to feel that comfort of knowing she will always be with us. Every day, she is also slowly changing. Her thought process. Her personality. Her physical appearance.
A friend mentioned a couple days ago that (Baby M) was beginning to look like birth mother. I knew this was going to happen. I tried to prepare myself for another “reminder” that Baby M is not biologically mine. But it still stung. I just thought it would be a bit longer before she started looking like bio mother. Baby M is growing so fast. And definitely in the toddler stage. It is almost time to start planning for her 3rd birthday.
But first Christmas. She is more aware of everything now and just makes everything 100% better with her amazing personality. Her excitement is contagious. 🙂  I am researching some holiday traditions that we can start this year. Do you have a favorite you would like to share?


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