Healthy Life Changes and the Tonight Show

Hello world. The weekend is almost here. Have tons of fun, be safe, and enjoy the last weeks of winter.

A quick little update on my weight loss adventure… After researching a lot, my husband and I began taking Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been a couple months already and we have seen significant changes. Less appetite, more energy, weight loss, feeling healthier, and less acne. My family started walking more around our neighborhood. And eating healthier. Practically no more fast food. Small changes but a great new beginning for our lives.

As I type tonight, I can not fully concentrate because I am watching my dvr recording of the new Tonight Show.  I loved watching Jay Leno. He was funny and smart. But so far Jimmy Fallon is doing a great job. There were so many skits that Fallon has done and I can remember myself thinking “Leno could never do that.”  Fallon is just very energetic and silly. If he can keep this up, he will be also be a very great host just like Leno.

After being indoors all day today with my hyper 3 year old, my brain and body are ready to call it quits tonight. So off to bed I go even though there is much I would love to write down.

Till next time,


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