Ash Wednesday and Religion

Ash Wednesday is in a few days. And every year around this time, I look into my faith and notice how far away I am from religion. I always have the “want” to go to church. But I never change that want into action.
I talk to God every day. I pray with my little one every night. I praise Him when life is good. I ask for help when life gets hard. But (it is hard to admit) I go to church about twice a year. 
Why is this? Why is it so hard to turn this “want to go to church often” into a serious regular action?
I look around me. My family. My friends. My social circles. I would say about 5% actually attend church regularly.
And of those 5%, maybe 2% just go to wipe their life slate clean from all the sinful things they did during the week.
I know it must seem like I am surrounded by a lot of evil people. But its actually quite opposite. I know many people who are God loving and religious but they just do not attend church. They are kind and caring. Reads the Bible. Can recite verses. Knows the prayers. Prays every day. They help out their family and friends when they can.
So why is it that people who do not attend church are more religious and God loving than the people who actually do show up in church? Does attending church really define how religious a person can be?
Will God open the gates of heaven to a person who sinned weekly just because that person confessed at church? Will He keep the gates closed to a religious & God fearing person who just did not attend church?
Of course, no one has the answers.  All we can do is live our lives how it feels right to us.

Till next time,


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