Had to Take My Mom to the ER

So my mom fell last week while walking on the sidewalk. The cement was uneven and it tripped her. She landed on her left side of face (which is all bruised up) and her left elbow (which is now fractured).  It has been about 4 days and it seems like everything is getting worse instead of better. Her bruises are darker now and it is hard for her to move her jaw.
We took my mom to the ER the first day and the doctor checked her face but said it is only bruised up. I will take her Monday to see an orthopedic doctor Monday to see if she will need surgery on her elbow. I really hope she heals quickly.

Our visit to the ER reminded me of how much I hate hospitals. Too much pain. Too much blood. Too much sickness. So many people need help but they have to “wait” their turn. And the less serious emergencies get passed up to people with heart/breathing problems. I saw a man walk out with his little daughter after waiting for at least 3 hours. His daughter threw up so much during that time. And he just kept seeing other people getting help before them. He looked so helpless because he just couldn’t get his daughter any help.

While waiting for my mom’s turn, a man walks in holding his neck with a bloodied shirt. He patiently waits in line to sign in. When he gets to the front desk, he let’s the lady know that he got jumped and wanted to get his neck checked out. The nurse let’s him in right away.

Lots of moms with sick kids. Coughing. Sneezing. Vomiting. One lady trying to console another who can not seem to stop crying. Bleeding. Broken neck. Pain everywhere.

I was done with the ER as soon as I walked in.

It has been a few days and I am still traumatized.

Send prayers and positive thoughts to my mom in hopes she heals quickly.

Until next time,

Angie V.


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