The Orchard, short book review

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The Orchard by Jeffrey Stepakoff


This book was a lovely romantic book. It was a fast and easy read. A nice love story to remind people that true love will always find each other. I did have a hard time believing that a widower could move on so fast after his wife’s death. And even harder time understanding why his little girl was pushing him so hard to get remarried. For me, the time was just too soon.
I loved the connection that the two main characters had right away. A connection that they felt but was a little afraid to believe it. And the author had a great idea on what actually brought the two together. Uniquely written. I was hoping that in the end, they found out the scarf was actually from Grace. Just something else to show their love was meant to be.
I also felt like the book was missing an ending. The “how are they living now?” kind of chapter. The book ended on a happy note that filled your heart with love. An ending that was expected but still nice to read.
Overall, this book was good. Easy flow. Good topics. For the romantic readers who loves a happy ending.

I love so much that I have been able to set some time during the day to read. It really helps my stress level.

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