There is a supermoon tonight. It is so beautiful to see. Amazing. And a great reminder of how small we are. We are just a tiny particle in this huge universe.

And, even though, we are so small, our little life can cause a ripple in the whole world around us. One small step we make. One small word we talk. One small idea we think. It can literally change the world on the other side.




Saturday Nights, Newsworthy, and 4/20

I love doing nothing on a Saturday. Staying home. Relaxing. Wearing my “wear at home only” clothes. 🙂 And just being together with my little family.
Of course, I just couldn’t relax. There was cleaning, organizing, and laundry that had to be done. But, still, I was home.
So the big news of the day… Where in the world is that plane? And how did they even lose it?? With technology being so advanced, it is very weird that they can not find the plane. All the current details given makes this whole situation a little “fishy”. Someone is hiding something…. Prayers to all the families waiting to hear the truth. Hopefully they will get answers soon.
Other news everyone should be reading: we are on the brink of another world war. 😦 It is so scary to think how close we actually are to a huge world war. One wrong move. One wrong word. And it will be the beginning of a huge disaster.
So much has already happened in our lifetime… Can’t we just enjoy the rest of it..

Looking ahead… Did you know that Easter lands on April 20th (4/20) this year? It is so ironic that national weed day lands on a very religious holiday. I wonder which one Colorado plans on celebrating. 🙂  I am not a smoker. And never even tried weed. But I personally have never seen anything negative from weed smokers besides laziness. I am not sure why weed got such a bad reputation. As long as they don’t smoke around my family and does not cause harm to anyone, why should we care…

Almost time to set your clocks! Spring forward. Enjoy your Sunday.

Till next time,

Healthy Life Changes and the Tonight Show

Hello world. The weekend is almost here. Have tons of fun, be safe, and enjoy the last weeks of winter.

A quick little update on my weight loss adventure… After researching a lot, my husband and I began taking Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been a couple months already and we have seen significant changes. Less appetite, more energy, weight loss, feeling healthier, and less acne. My family started walking more around our neighborhood. And eating healthier. Practically no more fast food. Small changes but a great new beginning for our lives.

As I type tonight, I can not fully concentrate because I am watching my dvr recording of the new Tonight Show.  I loved watching Jay Leno. He was funny and smart. But so far Jimmy Fallon is doing a great job. There were so many skits that Fallon has done and I can remember myself thinking “Leno could never do that.”  Fallon is just very energetic and silly. If he can keep this up, he will be also be a very great host just like Leno.

After being indoors all day today with my hyper 3 year old, my brain and body are ready to call it quits tonight. So off to bed I go even though there is much I would love to write down.

Till next time,


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It is the end…….. of February :-)

I seriously can not believe that we are already two months into 2014! This year is going by pretty fast. Is it just me or do you all feel like this???

So it has been awhile since I posted anything on here… for many reasons. I will not list them but just know that I will be trying to overcome most of them. Wish me luck. 🙂

First thought of today: I hate allergies!! I never had allergies growing up so this is all new to me. I was lucky enough to find a good deal on Mucinex Allergies medicine (sale with coupon and rebate, it becomes FREE). Perfect timing. Today has been the first day I can actually breath through my nose! Thank goodness for meds.

2nd thought:  Rain is finally coming!!! Yes, Californians, we need rain too. I love the rain but hate that a lot of Cali people don’t know how to deal with it or drive in it.  Be safe people!!

3rd thought: My little girl is finally 3!!! A new world of opportunities has opened up for her. Dance classes, gymnastics, karate, sports, preschool, etc. There is a lot available to keep her active and learning. I was once a preschool teacher (many years ago) so I have actually started preschool with my 3 year old at home. She is always excited when it is preschool time. I love hearing new ideas so please share with me.

4th thought: Arizona is crazy!!! I can’t believe their laws.

Time to go. Till next time…


Birth Parents vs Adoptive Parents

Lately, I have run into a lot of Facebook/News posts about a birth “father” fighting for his child in a custody battle with prospective adoptive parents.
I have extremely mixed feelings about this since I am an adoptive parent. I will almost always tend to side with the prospective adoptive parents just because I know exactly what they have been through. But my mind knows to look at all the facts before making a final judgment.
I know that there has been many cases where DCFS has not been honest and have actually taken children away from OK parents. But in my opinion, that is very rare….  If DCFS is involved, something is not right.  Plain and simple. You may think you are doing nothing wrong. But in reality, you are actually harming your child. It’s OK to say “I’m sorry” and change your ways 100%. But in your baby’s time. Not when YOU are ready to change. You need to change right when your baby first needs you (even when baby is still in the womb). Don’t wait to be a better parent. Don’t let someone else bring in your baby to their home and love him/her exactly how you should be. Then get mad to see that you missed out. Don’t blame foster/adoptive parents when your actions has caused this situation in the first place. Take responsibility of YOURSELF before it is too late.  There are many parents who have made mistakes but QUICKLY made up for them and turned their life around. If they can choose to do it, anyone can.
Again, all situations are different. And all birth parents do have rights (to a limit). Birth fathers have a right to a DNA test if there is no other birth father confirmed. They have a right to say “I want to parent my child” even if the birth mother wants to give up her rights. But the birth father also needs to be there in the beginning. Not just when it is “convenient” for him. If a child/baby is with a loving foster family for over a year, even two years, how could someone expect to just take the child away from the only home he/she knows?
Again, here is another situation… Birth mother finds an adoptive family before baby is even born. (In some states, it is legal for birth mother to even ask for “expenses” for the rest of the pregnancy.) So all preliminary papers are signed. Baby is born.  But where is the birth father?? Of course, he comes late into the mix and demands his baby back. According to him, he was not allowed to even be known as a “presumed” father because he was not supportive during the pregnancy. But we are missing a lot of facts. A lot of dates. When did birth father change his mind? How long has this court process taken? In the end, the judge decided to allow child to stay with the prospective adoptive parents. The birth father continues to fight. Was that right?  Is it fair to keep a child away from his biological father who truly wants to parent their child? When is it “too late” for a birth parent?
I never knew this other world of adoption until after our adoption with Baby K. That was when I joined tons of Facebook groups. Read many stories and experiences. I know how to keep an open mind and know all the facts before assuming anything.
In the end, everyone needs to agree “What is best for the baby/child?”. Even if you are not the answer, you need to let go and remember “what my baby/child needs is not what I need…”
The child always has to be number 1.

Until next time,

Sept 11th, my thoughts

Sept. 11, 2013

Today we remember that tragic day 9-11. We remember, we pray, and we salute everyone who was hurt.

Everyone tells their story about where they were when they found out. Just to feel some kind of connection to others who are also still trying to fully understand what happened that day.

My story is not interesting at all. I am not a morning person, so of course, I was still sleeping. It’s crazy to think that as I was peacefully dreaming in my bed, thousands of people were suffering and dying on the other side of the United States. My husband (well he was my boyfriend at the time) calls me and wakes me up. First thing he says is “Don’t get scared.”  And my mind starts racing. My heart starts beating fast. I knew something was wrong but what… I forgot what else he said but I turned on the TV and see a huge building on fire. I could not figure out right away “What does this have to do with me?”. Buildings always catch on fire. That is nothing new.  So I keep watching. Seeing replays of the two planes. My mind goes blank. What the hell just happened????

That could not have been an accident. You can tell right away. The news reported another plane hit Pentagon. All airplanes are ordered to land. (And I probably heard about 3 planes flying above my house after this statement… I was so scared.)   Did not know what to think. Did not know what to do. So I just sat there. My eyes stuck on watching the TV. Flipping channels to different news stations.  My boyfriend comes over and watches the news with me.

I do not remember getting dressed. I do not remember eating. I just remember be scared and sad. Staring at the TV. I was terrified and I was not even close to where these terrorist acts happened.

And then seeing the towers collapse… My heart collapsed with them. My soul was in shock. Tears streamed down my face…

That was such a horrible day. A day we can never forget. A day that keeps others moving forward in hopes to make this world a safer place. Those 9-11 victims can not have died in vain. Something positive has to come out of this tragedy.

Please remember all those who suffered and still suffering today. Live life to the fullest and with respect. Respect yourself. Respect others. And respect your world.

Where were you on that September Day?

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until next time,                                                                                                                                      Angelica