Winter Left Early in California


Winter left a few weeks ago even though our calendar states Spring will not come for almost another month.  Another great example of how humans are not in control. No matter how hard people try to control the world, there will always be a higher power moving things along.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful  weather that nature has gifted us.

Much love to the world,


Ruby’s Diner Oceanside Review

Today, my husband took my daughter and I to eat at Ruby’s Diner in Oceanside. Since it was Valentine’s Day, the weekend and we wanted to eat on the upstairs patio,  I prepared myself to wait a long time. 
Once we got there, there was even a line to put down your name on the waiting list.  But, we were in no hurry. The waitress told us the wait will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Ouch… Well, we were still going to wait since it took us so long to even find a parking spot! 
We had a fun waiting time trying to keep our 5 year old occupied.  I noticed that some groups decided to leave after already signing in.  Better for us.  In about 50 minutes, we were seated.  


They seated us upstairs on their patio with a beautiful view of the ocean. Since this special location is located on a long pier, the ocean views were endless.
My daughter ordered the Kid’s Cheeseburger Meal. My husband and I had the Hickory Cheeseburger and Chicken Strips. All hamburgers come with unlimited fries.
With my first bite, I realized how delicious our dinner was going to be. The hamburger was amazing. Thick and well seasoned. The hickory sauce was lightly sweet. The chicken strips were perfectly crunchy. And paired with their three different sauces (ranch, barbeque, honey mustard), it tasted delicious. The unlimited fries were warm, crunchy, and the perfect size to also dip into the sauces. 
After finishing our dinner, we had to make the almost impossible decision of picking out dessert.  We were down to two choices. Hot fudge brownie with ice cream. Or Apple Pie al la mode.  My daughter finally picked the brownie.  The dessert is so huge that all three of us were able to share and be completely satisfied. It was delicious. Warm fudge. Cold ice cream. Sweet brownie. Added almonds in between. With a lot of yummy whip cream on top.
One thing I would have loved for our waitress to have done better was to refill our waters. But I do understand that they were extra busy today so I will not hold that against them.
My family had a wonderful time eating at Ruby’s. And I know that my family will be going again. Hopefully on a less crowded day. 🙂 I will definitely recommend this Diner to everyone who loves eating delicious food and wants to have an amazing ocean view.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their Valentine’s Day 2016.

Much love to the world,

Disclosure: I have no idea who those people are in the photo…

Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Today is the day of love. Love for your spouse. Love for you partner. Love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for yourself. 
To me, this is just not a day for couples to show one another love. It is a day to show your family how much they mean to you. When you actually have family who support you and stand by you, they deserve some extra love.
It is also a day to show yourself love. Self worth is a major thing that everyone need to work on. So show yourself some love by eating your favorite foods. Or reading your favorite book. Watching your favorite movie. Or riding a bike.  The possibilities are endless.
Do not get stuck on the cliche of what some people think Valentine’s Day should be.

Enjoy your day to the fullest,

Clean Slate

Have you ever been lucky enough to spend the night next to the beach?
It is an amazing thing to see.
Though out the day, many people walk across the beach. Leaving their footprints in the sand.
Evening comes, the world begins to slow down. Waves begin to crash against the beach even more. 
Night time brings in the tide and while everyone sleeps, the world erases everything that was made in the sand earlier that day.
By the time morning is here, the sand now has a clean slate and is ready for a new day filled with more footprints in the sand.
I use to think that it would be nice if life was like this. We wake up every day to a new slate. But then I realized that would also take away all the amazing things too.   The fun times. The laughter. The love.
I understand now that we need to live through these hardships and remember them so we can value all the amazing times even more.

Much love to the world,


There is a supermoon tonight. It is so beautiful to see. Amazing. And a great reminder of how small we are. We are just a tiny particle in this huge universe.

And, even though, we are so small, our little life can cause a ripple in the whole world around us. One small step we make. One small word we talk. One small idea we think. It can literally change the world on the other side.




My daughter’s baptism is coming up soon. We have been busy planning and preparing for her reception. This is so new to me since I never had a baptism reception. So I relied on my trusted Google to supply me with information. Which did not help because there is just so many opinions and differences. But it did give me a lot of ideas and the “just” of what to do.
Yes, I could host a small reception with just close family to celebrate. I could be satisfied with ordering deli sandwiches and chips. But I truly want to celebrate. She is my first daughter. And may even be my only child. I want to go all out and celebrate her baptism.
It is very hard to explain this to people. They just don’t understand how when you finally receive your miracle of becoming a parent, that you just want to give your child the world. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big. If she wants it. If she needs it. If she deserves it. We will try every way possible to give it to her.
So she will be having a nice baptism party. Not over the top. But cute, personalized, yummy food, and wonderful guests.
We decided to baptize her this month because it is a special month to us. This month, last year, was when our daughter finally legally became ours. I can not believe it has been over a year now since that amazing day. Every night, I still thank God for sending me my amazing girl.
I have a lot going on inside my head. Too much thinking. Figuring out life. Life is stressful. But I concentrate a lot on her baptism just to keep me sane. I am trying to let go and let God. But it is just way harder than I imagined.

Until next time,