Best of Me Movie Review and Life

Be prepared… There are semi spoilers ahead…. 

I ran into this movie today while scanning  Netflix. And I was curious to see it since it is based on a book from Nicholas Sparks. I do own a couple of his books and enjoy reading them. But I have never read this particular one.  I wish I had though. I would have never watched the movie.

Not because it is an awful movie; but because it has a heart breaking sad ending. And I hate endings that are not “Happily Ever After…”.  I was not prepared for this sad ending. My heart is still trying to cope with it.

The movie itself is wonderful. Great plot even though I can not personally see myself as the main female character. I can relate to her with how much one person can love another. But I can not relate to how she could marry someone she truly did not love and suffer all these years with someone she grew to hate.

The beginning was so touching to see how this man saved this teenager instead of calling the cops on him. You hardly see these situations nowadays.  People just do not trust runaway teenagers.  But this man had a huge heart. And because of his heart, Dawson was able to live out his purpose in life.

It just makes you think just how much just one person can influence the rest of your life.

Where you ever in a situation where you thought you had no where else to go? At the last breath you might be taking? A time when your dreams were completely crushed? 

What happened? Did someone save you just as this man saved Dawson? Or maybe it was just a chance encounter with a stranger?

There is a purpose to our lives. There is an end of our path that is already mapped out. It is scary to think that we truly have no control since we are all destined for something. All we can do is live the best as we can with the life that we are given.

I do hope, though, that my life will have  something very meaningful to come out of it.

The movie touches on a lot of major life topics that are great discussion subjects.  Love, first date, lost loves, horrible parents, child abuse, rich vs poor, education, cancer, child loss, loving a child that is not blood related, beautiful set locations, gardening, etc. The list goes on and on.  And I could write a book if I wrote about each one.

Overall this is a great movie with good beautiful actors. The actors were able to make us visualize just how pure their love was. And the love between a true “parent” and child was spot on. 

Great movie. But would I watch this again? Sadly, no. Just because there is already too much pain in real life that I go to movies to escape it. And this movie did not help me escape from pain. Only added more sadness.

Much love to the world,


Shine So Bright

Shine So Bright
Star light.
Star bright.
Amazing night.
Amazing sight.
Up above,
So high in height.
My dreams and wants,
Take wishful flight.
Could it be that easy,
For my dreams to come true?
Of course not,
When pain and struggles are due.
We must pay the price,
For our wants and demands.
Wake up from these dreams,
And the fairytale lands.
Live strong.
Live smart.
Your are the artist,
And life is your art.
Create your own stars.
Create your own light.
Make your own life,
Shine so bright.
By: Angie Velasquez 2016

Clean Slate

Have you ever been lucky enough to spend the night next to the beach?
It is an amazing thing to see.
Though out the day, many people walk across the beach. Leaving their footprints in the sand.
Evening comes, the world begins to slow down. Waves begin to crash against the beach even more. 
Night time brings in the tide and while everyone sleeps, the world erases everything that was made in the sand earlier that day.
By the time morning is here, the sand now has a clean slate and is ready for a new day filled with more footprints in the sand.
I use to think that it would be nice if life was like this. We wake up every day to a new slate. But then I realized that would also take away all the amazing things too.   The fun times. The laughter. The love.
I understand now that we need to live through these hardships and remember them so we can value all the amazing times even more.

Much love to the world,


There is a supermoon tonight. It is so beautiful to see. Amazing. And a great reminder of how small we are. We are just a tiny particle in this huge universe.

And, even though, we are so small, our little life can cause a ripple in the whole world around us. One small step we make. One small word we talk. One small idea we think. It can literally change the world on the other side.




I am full of mixed emotions tonight. My body feels overwhelmed trying to figure everything out. My mind feels tired. My heart; overworked. I need to find out how to rejuvenate my soul and hold my head up high again.
A lot of negative things/feelings has happened, currently happening and has a high percentage of happening. I cower my head to try to block the hits. It lessens the blows but I still feel like I am slowly falling down.
I feel the love from my Baby M and my husband. Their love seems to hold me up. Their unwavering love supports me and strengthens me. I will be OK because of them.

My Father

Yesterday, was my father’s birthday. He would have been 89 years old. He passed away almost 11 years ago (March 14, 2003). And I still miss him so much. Even though he lived a great life and he reached the age of 78, he has missed so much out of my life.

I was only 15 years old when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was placed in a long term care facility because he became angry and violent. He changed so much. It seemed like overnight it just turned into a nightmare. He did not remember anyone. And visiting him was like a stabbing of my heart every time. It hurt me so much to see him suffering.
He missed most of my high school years. He missed my high school graduation. He missed meeting my future husband.
After years of suffering, he passed away from pneumonia in 2003. A week after his 78th birthday.
Three years later, my brother took my dad’s place and walked me down the aisle.
Our first home.
My college graduation.
My ectopic pregnancies.
My failed ivfs.
Our second home.
Our adoption of Baby K.
The most amazing times in my life.

He missed everything.

But, he lived a great life. Fought in WWII. Got married. Had kids. Saw his kids grow up. Saw his kids graduate. Saw them get married. Saw his grandkids be born. Even though he experienced life, he missed mine.

I was his youngest child. Because of that he has missed out on so much. And I missed out on him.

I was too young. Too naive to know how precious his life was. I knew nothing about death or sickness. At that age, it was just assumed he would always be around.

I wish I played with him more. Read with him more. Listened to his war stories. I wish I wrote his stories down. I wish I had more time with him.

Yesterday, we took flowers to his gravesite at the National Cemetery. I love how he will always be remembered as a veteran. He was very proud of himself that he fought for his country. And even prouder when two of his sons followed in his footsteps.

I love my dad so much and I miss him.

Forever in my heart.
Forever apart of me.
Forever your love
And memories
Will surround me.

Hug your loved ones tight. Give them an extra hug tonight.

Till next time,