Foster/Adopt Process Update

Many months have passed and my family have been able to accomplish so many things. My husband and I completed the parenting classes that was offered through the county. And we completed all the live scans, doctor visits, initial paper work, and exit interview. We just had our home inspected by the state.  Now, we wait for our adoption worker and the home study to begin.   Even though we have made it through so many steps through out this process, we still have a long way to go.  But, I am getting more excited for this new path we are now on. Our house is ready for another little one. The bed is set up in the room waiting. Our daughter is so eager to share her toys. Our hearts are open and ready to love.

I walk pass the room every night and see the crib set up. My heart beats faster. My thoughts begin to race.  What does God have in store for us?  Will a baby enter our lives? Or a little 4 year old girl? We brought a convertible crib just in case. We try to be ready for whatever God has planned but it would definitely be a lot easier if He at least gave us hints along the way.  🙂

Much love to the world,


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View of the ocean in San Diego




Best of Me Movie Review and Life

Be prepared… There are semi spoilers ahead…. 

I ran into this movie today while scanning  Netflix. And I was curious to see it since it is based on a book from Nicholas Sparks. I do own a couple of his books and enjoy reading them. But I have never read this particular one.  I wish I had though. I would have never watched the movie.

Not because it is an awful movie; but because it has a heart breaking sad ending. And I hate endings that are not “Happily Ever After…”.  I was not prepared for this sad ending. My heart is still trying to cope with it.

The movie itself is wonderful. Great plot even though I can not personally see myself as the main female character. I can relate to her with how much one person can love another. But I can not relate to how she could marry someone she truly did not love and suffer all these years with someone she grew to hate.

The beginning was so touching to see how this man saved this teenager instead of calling the cops on him. You hardly see these situations nowadays.  People just do not trust runaway teenagers.  But this man had a huge heart. And because of his heart, Dawson was able to live out his purpose in life.

It just makes you think just how much just one person can influence the rest of your life.

Where you ever in a situation where you thought you had no where else to go? At the last breath you might be taking? A time when your dreams were completely crushed? 

What happened? Did someone save you just as this man saved Dawson? Or maybe it was just a chance encounter with a stranger?

There is a purpose to our lives. There is an end of our path that is already mapped out. It is scary to think that we truly have no control since we are all destined for something. All we can do is live the best as we can with the life that we are given.

I do hope, though, that my life will have  something very meaningful to come out of it.

The movie touches on a lot of major life topics that are great discussion subjects.  Love, first date, lost loves, horrible parents, child abuse, rich vs poor, education, cancer, child loss, loving a child that is not blood related, beautiful set locations, gardening, etc. The list goes on and on.  And I could write a book if I wrote about each one.

Overall this is a great movie with good beautiful actors. The actors were able to make us visualize just how pure their love was. And the love between a true “parent” and child was spot on. 

Great movie. But would I watch this again? Sadly, no. Just because there is already too much pain in real life that I go to movies to escape it. And this movie did not help me escape from pain. Only added more sadness.

Much love to the world,

Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Today is the day of love. Love for your spouse. Love for you partner. Love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for yourself. 
To me, this is just not a day for couples to show one another love. It is a day to show your family how much they mean to you. When you actually have family who support you and stand by you, they deserve some extra love.
It is also a day to show yourself love. Self worth is a major thing that everyone need to work on. So show yourself some love by eating your favorite foods. Or reading your favorite book. Watching your favorite movie. Or riding a bike.  The possibilities are endless.
Do not get stuck on the cliche of what some people think Valentine’s Day should be.

Enjoy your day to the fullest,


My daughter’s baptism is coming up soon. We have been busy planning and preparing for her reception. This is so new to me since I never had a baptism reception. So I relied on my trusted Google to supply me with information. Which did not help because there is just so many opinions and differences. But it did give me a lot of ideas and the “just” of what to do.
Yes, I could host a small reception with just close family to celebrate. I could be satisfied with ordering deli sandwiches and chips. But I truly want to celebrate. She is my first daughter. And may even be my only child. I want to go all out and celebrate her baptism.
It is very hard to explain this to people. They just don’t understand how when you finally receive your miracle of becoming a parent, that you just want to give your child the world. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big. If she wants it. If she needs it. If she deserves it. We will try every way possible to give it to her.
So she will be having a nice baptism party. Not over the top. But cute, personalized, yummy food, and wonderful guests.
We decided to baptize her this month because it is a special month to us. This month, last year, was when our daughter finally legally became ours. I can not believe it has been over a year now since that amazing day. Every night, I still thank God for sending me my amazing girl.
I have a lot going on inside my head. Too much thinking. Figuring out life. Life is stressful. But I concentrate a lot on her baptism just to keep me sane. I am trying to let go and let God. But it is just way harder than I imagined.

Until next time,

The Orchard, short book review

Another great buy at the Dollar Tree store. Online sells for $3-$15.

The Orchard by Jeffrey Stepakoff


This book was a lovely romantic book. It was a fast and easy read. A nice love story to remind people that true love will always find each other. I did have a hard time believing that a widower could move on so fast after his wife’s death. And even harder time understanding why his little girl was pushing him so hard to get remarried. For me, the time was just too soon.
I loved the connection that the two main characters had right away. A connection that they felt but was a little afraid to believe it. And the author had a great idea on what actually brought the two together. Uniquely written. I was hoping that in the end, they found out the scarf was actually from Grace. Just something else to show their love was meant to be.
I also felt like the book was missing an ending. The “how are they living now?” kind of chapter. The book ended on a happy note that filled your heart with love. An ending that was expected but still nice to read.
Overall, this book was good. Easy flow. Good topics. For the romantic readers who loves a happy ending.

I love so much that I have been able to set some time during the day to read. It really helps my stress level.

Until next time,

Short Book Review: Stormchasers


Life has been so busy that I have been missing one of my favorite things to do. Reading.  I have always loved reading and can proudly say that is one thing I received from my dad. The love of books.
So I was finally able to finish reading a book yesterday. Stormchasers by Jenna Blum. I came across this book at the Dollar Tree. It looked like a good book and only $1. So I gave it a chance.
Very happy when I Googled the title later and found out people are actually selling this book for $5-$10 online. Love finding bargains. 🙂
Too be honest, when I first started reading this book, I fell asleep. My mind just was not interested in this topic. And the rhythm was sort of slow. The next day, I forced myself to keep reading because I have always needed to finish a book once I start.  I was happy that the book got more interesting and turned out to be an OK book.
The main subject of this book is mental illness and the affects on family. The author ties this illness with tornadoes. Really great analogy to use. I do not have a lot of experience with bipolar so it was nice to read about a sister’s point of view. Another point of this book is secrets and how it can’t take over your life. The author does very well in describing just how much one huge secret can mess up your life.
I loved the tornado chasings and the little love story. The book could have used a little bit more action. The ending was sort of expected. But a happy ending is always a good ending. 
This was a good book to restart my love for reading again. Excited for my next book find.