Shine So Bright

Shine So Bright
Star light.
Star bright.
Amazing night.
Amazing sight.
Up above,
So high in height.
My dreams and wants,
Take wishful flight.
Could it be that easy,
For my dreams to come true?
Of course not,
When pain and struggles are due.
We must pay the price,
For our wants and demands.
Wake up from these dreams,
And the fairytale lands.
Live strong.
Live smart.
Your are the artist,
And life is your art.
Create your own stars.
Create your own light.
Make your own life,
Shine so bright.
By: Angie Velasquez 2016


Our Time

Life has been busy.
Days have been fast.
Stress is around us.
But our love will always last.

“Our alone” time
Has become “me” time.
You do your thing
And I do mine.
Not because there is no love.
But because there is less time to unwind.

I miss laughing with you.
I miss cuddling too.
Lets try to make more “Our time”
So our love can stay anew.

I know it will be hard.
We have to sacrifice things to find the time.
But it will be worth it,
For your love will forever be mine.

Author:  Angie Velasquez