Short Book Review: Stormchasers


Life has been so busy that I have been missing one of my favorite things to do. Reading.  I have always loved reading and can proudly say that is one thing I received from my dad. The love of books.
So I was finally able to finish reading a book yesterday. Stormchasers by Jenna Blum. I came across this book at the Dollar Tree. It looked like a good book and only $1. So I gave it a chance.
Very happy when I Googled the title later and found out people are actually selling this book for $5-$10 online. Love finding bargains. 🙂
Too be honest, when I first started reading this book, I fell asleep. My mind just was not interested in this topic. And the rhythm was sort of slow. The next day, I forced myself to keep reading because I have always needed to finish a book once I start.  I was happy that the book got more interesting and turned out to be an OK book.
The main subject of this book is mental illness and the affects on family. The author ties this illness with tornadoes. Really great analogy to use. I do not have a lot of experience with bipolar so it was nice to read about a sister’s point of view. Another point of this book is secrets and how it can’t take over your life. The author does very well in describing just how much one huge secret can mess up your life.
I loved the tornado chasings and the little love story. The book could have used a little bit more action. The ending was sort of expected. But a happy ending is always a good ending. 
This was a good book to restart my love for reading again. Excited for my next book find.